Why we are building Polypharmacy Network, Inc.

First things first, polypharmacy is what happens with multiple medications...or just one.

Taking a medication, or more than one, is normal in treating illness. This medication mixture is designed to be good and provide healing.

In case you've guessed yet, or even worst experienced it, polypharmacy can also have side-effects ranging from irritating to devastating.

We are building Polypharmacy Network because we know both the good side and the bad of polypharmacy.
Accidental harm from polypharmacy can strike both the young and old. It can mask as other ailments or it send you to the hospital. In some cases it causes premature death.
Polypharmacy Network, Inc. is a recognized 501(C)(3) non-profit organization to provide benefit to people in need. We are well on the way to creating the first nationaly based, clinical approach to helping people suffering from polypharmacy. You can learn more at our website PolypharmacyNetwork.org.
We need you to join us in bringing Polypharmacy Network to people who need it most. We can make this happen with small donations.
These small donations can have a huge impact. Your donation can bring the Med Lab Center to reality in areas of highest need. All donations will be used to sponsor patients in their journey to find relief from the harmful impacts of polypharmacy. One time gifts are also deeply appreciated.

Please consider joining us today and the positive impact you will have on others.

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